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My Dear Travelers,

Here in Chicago, it’s time for summer to blow a goodbye kiss. The sun turns in earlier (where it used to stay until 9:00). The evening wind begins to blow its breath through the river. Though summer is close to its end, wandering around this beautiful city never stops. We as local pals see hundreds of tourists walk all over the city, with wonders and curiosity in mind. For those who’ve traveled around the globe (or just out of Chicago) may know what travelers may look for when they are on a strange ground. Something savory that welcomes those new to the city. Not too heavy, but something simple with elegance to it.

Most travelers always stop by one of Chicago’s finest landmarks, Cloud Gate by the artist Anish Kapoor. Right across from Cloud Gate or the Bean, there is a small-to-medium sized bakery with patio sittings. “Le Pain Quoditien” is the one that I want to recommend to all dear travelers, even to local pals. Most local pals may know this Belgian café or may have stopped by for fresh bakery goods like croissants and butter brioches. Oh, you cannot miss French Crème Donut no matter what bring you to this place. This rich cream-filled donut saves your day when you walk a couple miles from South Michigan Avenue to North Michigan Avenue, to the lake.


Much more than those baked items, they offer simple, but elegant plates to all. Brioche French Toast—this is probably one of its signature breakfast menu. Lightly covered with egg, brioche gives much softer taste. For some of you, this might be too plain; then, a drop or two of maple syrup gives extra sweetness to it. After that sweetness, you don’t want to leave your taste thick, but pleasant with fresh berries or a sip of iced coffee. I personally recommend iced-coffee as you bring the plate to an end, which embraces a long-lasting memory of Brioche French Toast.

Not just a pleasant plate for you, but there is a chance to meet new people from other parts of the world when you’re assigned to a communal table—this is what I love most. If you visit there at the busiest time then you are most likely assigned to that table. Like a gathering, you are no longer a stranger, but you become an invited guest. All plates and drinks are served for you as you wish; a little noise around the table takes your far-from-home feelings away.

Stay pleasant,
Your Chicago friend, Bori

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